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Finding The Hotspots For Cold Water Bass

Finding The Hotspots For Cold Water Bass

Bassin' Bill took over the MTB YouTube channel to showcase his cool water angling skills. Living in the big mitten (Michigan) Billy is used to fishing in frosty temps. Watch along as he breaks down his favorite techniques for targeting cold water bass.

1) Sandy or Weedy Flats

Shallow water areas with sand and vegetation retain heat well later into the year. Billy likes to slow roll a chatterbait over the tops of grass mimicking the action of a small fish. Bass are known to move shallow late into the fall. They use this time to put the feedbag before pushing back out to deeper water for the winter months.

2) Back Of Pockets

Shallow water not only retains heat but it also can be home to a lot of aquatic life later into the year. Baitfish will push back up shallow into these pockets and bass won't be too far behind.

Bonus tip - Look for metal or rocks in these pockets, they will retain heat much easier than other parts of the lake.

3) Shallow Weeds - Lilly Pads Or Submergent Vegetation

Shallow weeds, pads, grass, and reeds are good areas to target during this time. Bill likes to slow roll a chatter bait through clumps of grass. The loud thumb paired with a tight wobbling action allows Bill to cover water, call in fish, and provide a streamlined presentation.

Lilly pads may have died out during this time but this video is proof that bass will relate to lily pad stems later into the year.

4) Breakwalls or Retaining Walls

It's clear, Bill believes that you need to be fishing in warm areas. There are few better things at retaining heat than metal break walls. Flipping small ned rigs tight to the wall. Finesse baits in the cool weather always prevail.

5) Winter Holes

Billy demonstrates how fish can be caught in two completely different areas during the later fall. While some bass is pushed up shallow taking advantage of warming temps. Other fish will push out deeper and relate to areas more common to winter fishing.

Look for transition spots from shallow to deep water and target those areas for Bass. Ned rigs, football jigs, and shaky heads are popular baits for offshore fishing later in the year.

Updated December 3rd, 2019 at 4:05 AM CT