How To Catch Bass During The Spawn With Elite Series Pro Kyle Welcher

Learn how to catch more bass during the spawn with Elite series angler and Karl’s pro, Kyle Welcher. As an Alabama angler, Kyle specials in chasing spotted bass and largemouth, but his experience competing across the country has him dialed in on the smallmouth as well. Kyle breaks it all down from rigging techniques to the best line and lure options, and last but not least, how to effectively spot and fish for bedding bass. 

Rig #1 – Wacky Rigged Worm

Of course, the Senko is on Kyle’s list. They can flat-out catch them anywhere. However, the juicy tip was when he mentioned using the more traditional floating worm on a wacky rig later into the spawn. The slower fall rate of a floating-style trick worm enables him to fish for fish in ultra-shallow water at a slower pace.

Preferred Set-Up:

Rig #2 – Weightless Straight Tail Worm (Texas Style)

Kyle will Texas rig a 6-inch straight tail worm like the 13 Fishing BLunt Force Finese Worm and use it to blindly cast for bedding bass down the bank to provide a similar yet different action from the wacky rig. By letting the bait sink below the surface, he’ll watch his rig the entire time as he works the lure back to the boat. As spawning fish cruises the shallows, they’ll gobble up the dangling finesse worm as it dances through the shallows.

Work your bait with the rod top, always getting it to move by moving the rod tip and not cranking the reel. Then, as the lure dances towards you, start reeling in the slack line.

Preferred Set-Up: 

Tip #3 White 13 Fishing Invader (Creature Bait)

Texas Rigging a white-bodied 13 Fishing Invader enables Kyle to see his Texas rigged creature bait as he pitches his lure to the fish’s bed. The baits appendages dangle and dance with just the gentlest movement of the rod tip. A 1/4 oz weight falls fast enough to get down quickly while not “rocketing down to the bottom.” By barely shaking, he can play the Invader to quiver back and forth, which is usually the final boss when catching a finicky bedded bass. 

Preferred Set-Up:

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