Have You Heard About The “Bait Monkey?”

Have you heard of the “Bait Monkey?” You know…that little voice that calls out every time you find a new fishing lure? “Buy! Buy! Buy!” He screams. Sometimes you try and reason with him. Perhaps you explain what your spouse will do to your manparts if you buy more tackle this month. But it’s no use. The Bait Monkey wins every time.

What’s wrong with the Bait Monkey?

Well, nothing. And everything. On one hand, trying and experimenting with new products is part of what makes fishing fun. On the other hand, always obeying the Bait Monkey can be inefficient and expensive. But what if you could tame the Bait Monkey?

The better way to try new tackle

Mystery Tackle Box is like your Bait Monkey’s secret stash of bananas. It suppresses his screaming and squealing by giving him a taste of new tackle every month. It’s actually quite amazing how well it works.

How it works

We send you a box of expert-selected fishing tackle every month. But it’s more than a random assortment of bargain-bin-baits. It’s a well-planned assortment of new and popular baits from a range of large and small brands—all at an amazing value.

Here are actual boxes subscribers have received




Bait Monkey <3 Mystery Tackle Box (That's a heart)

Here’s why…

  • We allow you to sample a variety of soft plastics. So instead of spending money on one full pack of baits (that you may not end up liking), we send you 3-4 samples of different baits from different brands. That makes the Bait Money’s job a lot easier.
  • We give you a lot bang for your buck. For $15 you get $20-$30 worth of fishing lures PLUS free shipping. That should help protect the safety of your manparts from the tackle police (to some extent).
  • We help brands launch new products. In fact, often times our subscribers receive products before they are even available in stores or just after manufacturers launch them. These are baits the Bait Monkey would never find without us.
  • You’ll never get the same bait twice. This will force you to try new products, brands, and techniques. And keeps the Bait Monkey from having to take notes.
  • You can customize your box to your type of fishing. We currently have boxes for bass fishing, inshore saltwater fishing, and panfishing. (We’ll be adding more box types soon.)

Mystery Tackle Box has outstanding reviews

It’s been two-and-a-half years since we started our company and we now help tens of thousands subscribers tame their Bait Monkeys every month. In fact, we’ve sent over 1 million baits! Here are some reviews (from people, not Bait Monkeys):

You can try it risk-free and see for yourself…

So here’s the deal, we’re willing to lose money on you for one month so you can try Mystery Tackle Box and see how much you and your Monkey will love it. You can get your first box for just $4.99 when you use code GET499 at checkout. There’s free shipping and you can cancel any time.


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