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How To (Legally) Fish On A Golf Course Pond

How To (Legally) Fish On A Golf Course Pond

It’s no secret to hardcore anglers that golf course ponds are home to some of the best fishing holes you can find. Golf course bass grow to be absolute lunkers, they put up a fight, and they are easy to find. Getting access to a golf course pond, however, can be tricky. Here are a few steps to make sure you always have access to the wonderful world of golf course pond fishing, without having to risk a trespassing fine.

1. Just Ask The Greenskeeper

Anyone who’s ever seen Caddyshack can tell you that greens-keepers are awesome. Head to your local course and just ask the staff if there are any ponds tucked in a spot where you can fish without getting in any golfer’s way, what times you should be there, and if it’s ok to bring your fishing buddies. You might be surprised with the answer you get if you pay the greens-keeper an in person visit.

2. Find Someone Who Lives On A Golf Course Pond

You know how in the summer you always are nicer to the kids with pools? Work your way into being friends with a golf course kid. Then you can sneak on to fish the ponds or play 9 holes, and you don’t have to actually live where golf balls are constantly flying into your yard.

3. Find A Private Course

Some country clubs allow their members to fish the hazards. I know of several that are built right onto rivers that have excellent fishing. If you can get onto one of these courses, more often than not the staff will leave you alone and assume you’re just another member legally fishing the hazards.

4. Work At A Golf Course

You know who gets to fish on a golf course pond whenever they want? People who work on golf courses. Caddy part-time, work in the club house, even wash golf carts once a week. Once you're in, you'll be able to take advantage of all of the perks of the job, including catching the hogs swimming in those golf course ponds!

5. Pack A Rod

The most expensive way to get onto a golf course pond: just sneak a pole in your bag! Play golf until you get to a hole with some water on it, slice your ball into all of the golf course ponds, and “fish” it out. This can only buy you enough time for a few casts, but it is guaranteed to work. Also, if you ever slice into the water by accident, you always have fishing as an excuse!

Updated March 29th, 2016 at 11:48 AM CT