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How To Fish The Googan Squad Revolver With Lake Fork Guy

How To Fish The Googan Squad Revolver With Lake Fork Guy

When the Googan Squad Revolver calls, fish answer. This topwater terror brings 'em in with a bang - plopping, disrupting & jittering with one thing on its mind: crushin' chunks. Wanna be a cowboy? Pack a Revolver.

Armed with more noise than New Year's Eve, the Revolver puts fish on notice. When the mondos move in, the rotating fin at its center paints the hooks as the clear target. The body jitters as the fin rotates — adding visual action to the chaos.

Watch Lake Fork Guy break down everything you need to know about the Googan Squad RevolverWhat's different about the Googan Squad Revolver compared to other plopping baits?

Topwater plopping baits have been around for decades. We made major innovations to evolve this category for the new millennium. Flattening the tail and distributing the weight ensures the Revolver lands upright on every cast. This puppy won't roll over, no matter how it's retrieved. Tie this beaut on and stop chasin'. Start catchin'.

How do you fish the Googan Squad Revolver?

The key to the Googan Squad Revolver is this baits versatility. This topwater plopper can be chugged, slowly retrieved, or randomly paused throughout each cast. Since the Googan Squad Revolver floats, add in a brief pause when passing over a juicy-looking spot. Play around with different retrieves until you find what the fish really like. As long as hear the sound signature plop from the Googan Squad Revolver, you're golden.

What rod should I pair with the Googan Squad Revolver?

Rod: 7'-7'6" Medium to Medium Powered Casting
Reel: Moderate to fast-speed casting reel. Between a 6:4:1-8:1:1 Gear Ratio Casting Reel
Line: 30-50lb Braided Line or 14-20lb monofilament

What kind of hooks do they have?

The sticky sharp pair of #2 hooks means this topwater is ready to rip lips right out of the package.

Why is the plopper on the front of the Googan Squad Revolver?

Centralizing the Revolvers rotating plopper keeps the bait balanced while drawing fish strikes to the center, closer to the two treble hooks.

What type of line should I use with the Googan Squad Revolver?

Tie between 12-20lb monofilament or 30-50lb braided line for best performance. The stretchiness from the nylon monofilament will absorb the shock of your hooksets. This keeps those two trebles locked in. If you choose to use braid, which you totally can just remember, you won't get the stretch as you do with mono, so take it easy on the hooksets.

The Googan Squad Revolver available in eight tasty colors

Updated May 11th, 2021 at 3:48 AM CT