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How To Get A Fishing License

It’s time to get a state fishing license! As long as fishermen want to fish at pristine rivers, lakes, and streams around the globe, they’ll have to fund the department that keeps them pristine. The way most of us do that is by paying taxes that feed into the DNR of our state, and by buying a fishing license. How to get a fishing license seems like a simple enough task, but is one that has several different options. Here are the best ways to get a fishing license:

1. How To Get A Fishing License In Person

If you’re looking for the more difficult, old fashioned way, you can purchase your license at large retailers. If you leave near one of these mega-stores the harder answer to “how to get a fishing license” is to head to their outdoors section. Most local bait shops are also permitted to sell these licenses.

2. How To Get A Fishing License Online

You can simply find your state’s Department of Natural Resources website below, and follow their prompts to purchase your license. One thing to keep in mind when ordering online is making sure you are on the official DNR site, not a phony or a scam. We put the correct links right here!

Also when on these sites you need to make sure you are purchasing the correct license. For example, some states have different stamps for trout, walleye, or musky fishing, and all states have different prices for residents vs out of state anglers.

 Get Your State Fishing License Here

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