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How To Plan The Perfect Fishing Trip This Season

How To Plan The Perfect Fishing Trip This Season

Taking a fishing trip is the ultimate bonding experience. It is a great bachelor party daytime activity, family vacation, or just a random weekend trip. Getting a group of friends out on the water with some rods and tackle just brings you closer.And while a great fishing trip can be a story to be told for a lifetime, a terrible fishing trip can, unfortunately, be just as memorable. With the great outdoors, unpredictability of weather, and inconsistent bite, there’s a lot to plan to make sure you have fun. Here’s the surefire way to plan a fishing trip, including a downloadable Mystery Tackle Box Fishing Trip Checklist:

1. Pick The Right Spot

Finding the right body of water is the most important part. If you’re camping, make sure there’s a nearby campground accessible for everyone you’re bringing. If needed, look up showers, bathrooms and other necessities. Some of the best fishing spots are pretty far off the beaten path, so make sure it is accessible to the types of vehicles you're bringing, and anything you're towing behind it.

2. Know Which Species To Target

Don’t show up to a trout stream with a bunch of large-bodied topwater frogs that 9 inch rainbow trout can't bite. Don’t show up to a lake inhabited purely by bass with catfish bait. Check fishing reports to see what gets caught at your destination, then read up on fishing tips and tricks for the species you are targeting.

3. Gear Up

Once you know what to target and how to do it, make sure you have the proper gear. Look for the right rod, make sure you have a good reel, and then get some baits that are best for your targeted species. You can read more on our blog about which baits work best for certain species, but one important tip always rings true: Don't forget your lucky tackle.

4. Set Up Camp

Set up a proper campsite with a tent, tables, and plenty of space. Keep your food locked up in something tight while you're sleeping or away from the campsite. The last thing you want is any wild animals (like bears) snooping around your site. Some great additional items for campsite fun when the fish aren’t biting are cornhole, horseshoes, cards, and dice.

5. Get On The Water

Unless you’re fishing a river or stream where you have access to all parts of the water from shoreline or bridges, you’re going to want a boat. You can easily rent a boat or even take a chartered trip. Or, and this is the most important advice you’ll ever receive from Mystery Tackle Box: if you’re lucky enough to know someone with a boat, INVITE THAT GUY.

6. Have Fun

Remember: Fishing is fun, catching is amazing. Whether you reach your daily limit or get skunked, enjoy the outdoors and being out on the water with your friends.For some more tips on how to prepare when taking a trip to a new lake, check out this video:

Updated March 1st, 2024 at 11:18 AM CT