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Punch Rig 101: The Right Way To Rig It Up

Punch Rig 101: The Right Way To Rig It Up

When the temperature heats up and the aquatic vegetation grows tall, bass love to hang out in the thickest of grass. Submerged vegetation and matted grass canopies provide bass shade from the hot sun and the perfect hiding spot to ambush baitfish. It’s tough to reach these concealed bass with most lures, that’s where the punch rig comes in.

The punch rig gives you the profile of a skirted jig and the weedless ability of a Texas rig. Use a heavy bullet weight on your punch rig and you’ll be able to get your rig down through even the gnarliest of grass mats. Here’s what you’ll need to setup your punch rig:

  • - Bobber/sinker stopper
  • - Bullet weight
  • - Punch skirt
  • - Straight shank or EWG hook
  • - Soft plastic creature bait

Step 1 - Attach the bobber/sinker stopper to your punch rig

Thread the tag end of your line through the loop on the bobber/sinker stopper, then slide the bobber stopper up onto the line.

Step 2 - Slide on the right bullet weight

Choose the right bullet weight for your punch rig. The thicker the vegetation you’re fishing is, the heavier weight you’ll need to get your bait down to the fish. Once you have the right sized bullet weight, slide the weight onto the end of the line.

Step 3 - Slide the punch skirt onto your punch rig

Take the punch skirt and slide it onto the end of the line below the bullet weight.

Step 4 - Tie on your hook

After threading the bobber/sinker stopper, bullet weight, and punch skirt onto the line, it’s time to tie on your hook. If you are using a straight shank flipping hook, use a snell knot to attach your hook to the line. If you went with a standard EWG hook, then your favorite fishing knot will get the job done.

Step 5 - Rig your soft plastic bait of choice

Lastly and most importantly, take your favorite soft plastic creature bait or craw like the Catch Co Wreckin' Craw and thread it onto the hook like you would a Texas rig. Make sure the hook point is embedded in the bait to prevent your rig from snagging vegetation.

Step 6 - Catch some punch rig fish!

Flip and pitch your completed punch rig through matted grass, lily pads, and other heavy cover to trigger big bites. Don’t be timid on your gear selection when you’re punching. Use a heavy action rod over 7’ 4” in length and strong braided line to wrench bass out of thick cover.

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 8:55 AM CT