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I Love Ice Fishing Now

I Love Ice Fishing Now

The last time I gave a take on ice fishing it was pretty negative. Temperatures were sub zer0, fish were not biting, the shanty couldn't stand up to the heat, my eye lids froze shut, etc, etc. It sucked and I hated it and I never wanted to go again.But obviously I was going to go again, so here we were, back in Wisconsin. And oh boy did I turn my frown upside down.There were more refreshments, it was 30 degrees warmer, the crowd we fished near was into it, and most importantly: we actually caught fish. It's crazy how even the tiniest tug can turn a miserable day on the water into a great way to spend a Saturday.

I think this day cracked the code on when ice fishing is miserable and when it's an awesome Saturday: When you actually catch fish. If you turn your attention below you'll see the same man doing the same activity, but in one he's holding an absolute TANK of a bass (tank is a relative term.)

Notice on the left I was contemplating what terrible decisions I've made in life to lead me to be stuck in this frozen hell. While on the right I'm more like "nice, this is pretty cool." You can see it on the face.Catching fish leads to taking more breaks to chuck the pig skin with the boys, cook McMuffins on the heater, and even watch your buddy pull a decent size bass (barely bigger than mine) from a tip up.

Ronny McDonny Breakfast

Sports with the boys

Big bass of the day
All in all, and not to be a diva, but the only way I'll ever go ice fishing anymore is if I know I'll catch fish and am not too cold. But if that is the case, I'm all in and it will be awesome. Not to be a diva.

Updated February 9th, 2018 at 10:41 AM CT