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9 Pieces Of Ice Fishing Gear Every Hard Water Angler Needs

Every hard water angler from the midwest to the east coast needs the proper ice fishing gear. From baits and lures to proper shelter and warmth, ice fishing gear comes in all forms and all sizes. Before you pack up for a day on hard water, you need to make sure you have the bare essentials, the basics, and the next level of ice fishing gear. Here’s our top 9 products every hard water angler needs.

1. Ice Cleats 

ice fishing gear cleats

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

Fishing on hard water means walking on hard water. Since it is literally frozen water, it can be pretty slippery to walk on. These cleats have 10 spikes to clamp down on any ice, and they are a comfortable fit over most sizes of boots. Avoid injury and embarrassment with these awesome chain cleats that turn any pair of boots into ice walkers.

2. Ice Fishing Reel
ice fishing reel

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

The Black Betty from 13 fishing handles anything you’ll catch below hard water while also maintaining a sleek design. No expense was spared in creating the perfect ice fishing reel. The Black Betty has a CNC machined 6061 aluminum reel and a 2.7-1 gear ratio to retrieve line at a amazing 19″ per crank.

3. Ice Picks

ice fishing gear ice picks

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

The Frabill Deluxe Retractable Ice Picks has retractable guard on picks and a 72″ stretchable cord, perfect for wearing compact around your neck but having that extra reach just in case you need it. The spikes are kept clear of any danger from within, only coming out if necessary when given downward pressure.

4. Ice Shelter
ice fishing gear shelter

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

The Eskimo Quickfish 2 Ice Shelter is a 2 person capacity tent with set-up size of 60 x 60 and 67 high, expanding to elbow room of 76 x 76. Perfect to fit two anglers in over one hole. The 4 windows have detachable zipper covers so you can control your temperature all on your own. The anchors are heavy duty, so you can set them in the ice and they will not cave to harsh winter conditions.

5.  Hand Auger
ice fishing gear hand auger

Steel blades coming in 3 different sizes (6″, 7″, or 8″ diameter) cut right through the heavy stuff. Easily navigate the ice with the offset handle, with a comfortable grip to grind your way right through the ice. The crossbolt fastener gives you an easy way to construct and deconstruct the auger, for safety and quickness.

6. Ice Fishing Gear
ice fishing gear bundle

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

You can’t get by on rod/reel alone out there. The magnetic strip helps you keep track of those tiny ice jigs for catching panfish. The pliers help pull jig heads from the fish mouth or cut line. And the jig eye cleaners helps keep gunk or paint out of those tiny holes needed to tie line onto.

7. Gas Auger
ice fishing gear big auger

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

The king of ice fishing gear: This auger has a blade with an 8 inch diameter auger, with a 42 inch auger length. A blade protector is included for ease of transport. It is surprisingly lightweight for such a big machine, so you can hop all around the lake drilling holes with ease. It even has a mitten grip to start the engine without ever having to take off those warm gloves or mittens!

8. Fish Finder
fish finder vexilar

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

The Vexilar Flasher is one of the best fish indicators you can find. It flashes depending on the mark of the target in 3 different colors: green (weak), orange (medium), and red (strong). The flasher has a 12-volt 7-amp hour battery to last all day on the lake.It can find fish up to 120 feet deep, and comes with a two year warranty. It fits perfectly on of a five gallon bucket.

9. Hoo Rag
hoo rag

Why It Is An Essential Piece Of Ice Fishing Gear:

One inevitable part of ice fishing: It will be cold. The MTB Hoo-Rag can protect you from wind burn and cold weather, shielding your face from the elements. Not to mention they look cool!

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