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5 Ice Fishing Gifts That Don’t Suck

Ice fisherman are some of the pickiest anglers you’ll find on the water. When it comes to buying ice fishing gifts, many of us looking to spoil our favorite ice fisherman can be confused about what to get them. Just because it’s tough to pick doesn’t mean you gift-givers have to cave and wrap them a gift card. Here are 5 ice fishing gifts any angler would love to unwrap this holiday season:

Gruv Fishing Micro Jig Box

Why it makes a great ice fishing gift:

For as effective as small jigs can be, they can also be that easy to misplace in a larger tackle box. With the Micro Jig Box from Gruv Fishing, you need not worry about losing your small jigs, and you especially don’t need to worry about your small jigs clumping together, a headache-inducing phenomenon that can keep you from maximizing your time on the water. A silicone slit system keeps the hooks of the jig set in a fixed place, preventing them from getting loose and tangling with other jigs. A dense polycarbonate build keeps the box strong and able to withstand wear and tear with ease.

Frabill Ice Safety Kit 

Why it makes a great ice fishing gift:

Ice Fishing is inherently dangerous. Keep your loved ones safe and secure through the winter months with Frabil’s Ice Fishing Safety Kit. Each safety kit comes with – a set of ice cleats to keep you from slipping, an emergency whistle, and a set of ice spikes in case things get really hairy. Worry less knowing that your angler is prepared for whatever comes their way.

3. Ice Fishing Beanie – $14.99

Why it makes a great ice fishing gift:

If you look good, you’ll fish good. Comfortable, durable, and stylish for a day out on the frozen water.

You don’t want anything keeping you from fishing, especially not the weather. Fit this beanie over your ears and get out on the water. Made with a warm fabric to keep your head and ears protected from the elements, it is also lightweight enough to prevent overheating and head sweat. Look good and fish good in the winter, fall, and even those early spring mornings!

4. 13 Fishing Wicked Long Stem Combo

Why it makes a great ice fishing gift:

This affordable and versatile rod combo will have the angler in your life geared up and ready for the hard water season. Honestly, you might shock them with your gifting ability with this one. It’s well-made fishing combo from one of the most respected brands in the industry.

5. Ice Fishing Mystery Tackle Box
mystery tackle box ice box

Why it makes a great ice fishing gift:

Ice fishing is the ultimate winter activity, and now these boxes take the guessing out of your bait selection.

You can expect to see baits targeted at fishing for panfish, crappie, trout, walleye, pike, trout, etc. You can expect to see baits from top brands designed just for plucking fish from a frozen lake. Jig heads, downsized soft plastics, weights, glowing colors, and everything else that makes ice fishing possible are featured in these boxes, available October through February.

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