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Gliding vs Zig-Zagging For Inshore Topwater Fishing

Inshore topwater fishing is an exciting and sometimes nerve-wrecking way to fish. A topwater strike is arguably the most exciting split-second in fishing (possibly in life). While it can happen in a flash, an aggressive topside explosion will stay etched in your memory for years to come. There are many ways to illicit a strike on top but we’ve take time to break down the classic ‘Walk The Dog’ presentation.

Walking the dog is a classic, tried and true technique anglers have been using for inshore topwater fishing in the salty flats for years and years. But, while walking the dog seems like a pretty straightforward technique, there are actually two very distinct types of walking the dog, and each has their own time and place. It is now time to learn the difference between Gliding & Zig-Zagging.

Gliding For Inshore Topwater Fishing


Inshore Topwater Fishing Lure

To glide your topwater walking bait, the main characteristic is to pause between pumps. This slowed down version of walking the dog works best on finicky fish, or hot days when you really have to work to call the fish to the surface. The elongated pauses between jerks of the rod gives predators like snook or redfish a chance to catch up, and once they do..WHAM!

Zig Zagging For Inshore Topwater Fishing

Inshore Topwater Fish Catch

To zig-zag your topwater walking bait, speed up and pronounce your jerks a bit more. The zig-zag motion comes from the hard rips of the bait, where you chunk the tip of your rod downward to create a zigging and zagging motion. When the line is tight, this action comes naturally as you rip the tip. This line tightness is the main factor in creating a zig-zag action. When that line is tight you get the most cutting action, and it is also the easiest to detect bites or set the hook.

Whether you’re gliding or zig-zagging, topwater fishing is a blast. Creating topwater strikes in the flats from redfish or speckled trout is the adrenaline rush all anglers crave. Most topwater walkers, spooks, or hard bodied stickbaits can give you this action, just mix and match until you see which action the fish prefer that day!



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