Terolina Rig

Introducing The Terolina Rig: A Texas/Carolina Rig Combo

What The Heck Is A “Terolina Rig”

If you bass fish, chances are you’ve thrown both a Texas and Carolina rig. They’re both extremely versatile and effective presentations that drive bass wild. Here is a quick tip to help you combine these two great presentations into one which we’ve coined the ‘Terolina Rig.’

About The Terolina Rig

Texas Rig – The basic Texas Rig, with a weight nudging up against the soft plastic lure, is most effective when presented to a specific target, such as shallow vegetation, flooded bushes, or other cover.

Carolina Rig – The Carolina Rig is more effective in open-water situations along structure such as long points and vast flats where an angler needs to cover water quickly. The basic setup of the Carolina rig with its heavy weight (usually ranging in size from 1/2 to 1 ounce) and soft plastic lure trailing behind on a leader line is ideal for dragging quickly along structure to trigger strikes from bottom-hugging bass.

Rigging The Terolina Rig

Texas and Carolina rigs are two popular presentation methods for fishing soft plastics and we’ve figured out a way to pack both set-ups into a single rig. This will require less tieing, less rods, and less time fumbling around with tackle.

Our rig is a cross between the two so I’ve cleverly coined it the ‘Terolina Rig.’

What You’ll Need For A Terolina Rig

  • 2 Bobber Stops
  • Bullet Weight
  • Hook
  • Soft Plastic

Start off by sliding a bobber stop on to your line, then follow that up with your bullet weight. This will create a standard pegged Texas Rig. Next, slide on a second bobber stop below your weight, so you have a bobber stop sandwiching your weight on both sides. Finally, tie on your hook to complete the set-up.

Sliding your bobber stops down the hook give you a Texas rig perfect for pitching, flipping or punching through sparse vegetation. If you decide to push off shore, fish a flat, or just feel like draggin’ the ol’ ball and chain, use the bottom peg and slide it up the line between 10-18 inches. This 1-2 punch is a great method if you’re fishing different areas, or experimenting to find fish.

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