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Introducing The All-New BioSpawn ExoNed With Smallmouth Savant Josh Douglas

Introducing The All-New BioSpawn ExoNed With Smallmouth Savant Josh Douglas

"Two things that stand out from the jump were the weight and its ribbed body, which help move water and increase casting ability." - Josh Douglas, BioSpawn and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

We sat down with BioSpawn Pro, Josh Douglas to get the inside scoop on the all-new BioSpawn ExoNed, a 3" soft plastic soft bait designed to be fished on a traditional ned rig jig, like the Outcast Perfect Ned Head. As a ned rig fishing aficionado, we touched base with Josh to get his thoughts on the new BioSpawn ExoNed.

"It also has a nice tail kick and body shimmy similar to the ExoStick, which I think it’s tied to the Exobody design. Ned rigs have almost completely taken over the tube category for me, I can power fish with them or use the classic finesse techniques to catch bass everywhere in the country." - Josh said.

1) As a northern angler - what excites you about the BioSpawn ExoNed?

2) What ExoNed colors do you plan on fishing with the most often?

Green pumpkin, coffee craw, and goby smoke. The classic green pumpkin is my go-to every day and I’ll switch to the goby for the great lakes fishing. The coffee craw is money where I live on Mille Lacs because it perfectly resembles the colors of crawfish on the big lake. Obviously, the white is a killer bed fishing bait.

3) What is the major difference between largemouth and smallmouth fishing with ned rigs?

Smallmouth - All day every day, perfect smallmouth bait

Largemouth - pressure lakes, tough fishing conditions, looking to fill a limit or get bites

The ExoNed is a true multi-species killer for bass, and up north where I’m at, the walleyes love it too. Using one rig in multiple ways is what makes it so special. You can fish it the classic way, by using light line and finesse movements and techniques, or power fish them by upsizing your gear.

4) How are you fishing it most often? And what's one juicy trick that you do with it that most guys don’t?

Don’t be afraid to power fish it. Many people think of it only as a finesse bait, but it’s really not. Tie a braided line to a 10-lb fluorocarbon leader on a medium spinning rod and start power fishing with the ExoNed. Don’t only use it as a finesse bait.

5) What are you pairing the new ExoNed with? Jig head, rod length, weight, line?

I use the Outcast Tackle Perfect Ned Head ( ⅛-¼) on a 7-foot medium spinning rod with an 8-12 fluorocarbon leader.

Updated April 27th, 2022 at 4:17 AM CT