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Add Some Flash To Your Plastics With The Intruder X Blade From Mr. Finesse

Add Some Flash To Your Plastics With The Intruder X Blade From Mr. Finesse

By this time of the season, odds are the majority of the bass in your local haunts have seen a steady dose of baits. Combine that with the high water temperatures, and you’ve got a recipe for tough fishing. Whenever it gets tough, one of the best ways to trigger strikes is to show the bass something they haven’t seen before. If you’re a plastics fisherman, one of the best ways to do that is to add a little flash to your presentation with the Mr. Finesse Intruder X Blade.

The Mr. Finesse Intruder X Solo Willow blade is designed to do just that. It’s essentially a small willow leaf blade, attached to a screw-lock wire that you screw into the end of your bait. Doing so adds an element of flash and thump to any plastics presentation.Although it may be new to many anglers, those of you that fish the muddy waters of the Red, Atchafalaya, and Mississippi river basins have been doing this for years.Sorry, the cat’s out of the bag!Soft plastic stick baits like the BioSpawn ExoStick, Strike King Ocho, and Yum Dinger are the traditional baits to which most anglers add a blade, but blades can be equally effective on craws, creatures, and even swimbaits.Next time you’re on the water and not getting bit – don’t be afraid to add a little flash to your plastics by screwing in a Mr. Finesse Intruder X Blade.Here's how to do it:

Line Up Your Intruder X Blade

When using a stickbait like the BioSpawn ExoStick, line up the flat end with the spiraling tip of the Intruder X Blade. This will be the easiest point of entry, and will give you the most secure connection between your two tools.

Screw In Your Intruder X Blade

The spiral end of the Intruder X Blade is designed to easily screw into any soft plastic body. Line it up, stick the end through the plastic, and begin to turn. Twist it through the entire spiral to ensure it is locked on cleanly.

Get To Fishing!

Fish your new presentation like you would any stick bait, just with added flair! We recommend a wacky rig, but with the added weight and allure, you'll want to use a ring to secure your bait to your hook. The explosive strikes coming at this will surely yank it right off the hook without one.

Updated August 11th, 2016 at 11:35 AM CT