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JDM Tackle Explained: What Is JDM And What Makes It So Great?

JDM Tackle Explained: What Is JDM And What Makes It So Great?

Anglers have probably heard the term “JDM Tackle” a few zillion times pertaining to bass fishing gear, but do you know what it really means? “JDM” stands for Japanese Domestic Market, and it is widely regarded as premium, innovative, and top of the line fishing tackle. Basically, the rest of the world’s fishing industry goes as the Japanese Domestic Market steers it.

What In The World Is JDM Tackle?

Think of Japan as the Silicon Valley of fishing. Where the Bay Area’s tech industry has launched and housed giants such as Google and Apple, Japan’s fishing industry is the home to fishing giants such as Shimano, Daiwa, Duo Realis, and Jackall. These premium companies are constantly testing the limits of fishing as we know it, and are at the forefront of game changing technology year after year.Besides changing the thought process on the world of fishing, many Japanese Domestic Market companies just do it better. Their premium manufacturing has baits that often last longer, have higher quality of design and paint jobs, and just flat out catch more fish. This is not to say that American baits can’t do the same, but overall the Japanese market is unsurpassed in total quality.

JDM Tackle Technology

Cutting edge design technology with JDM tackle ranges from inventing (or reinventing) a style of fishing such as spybaiting, dropshotting and more, to minor tweaks to the weight distribution of a hard bait. The Japanese are often at the forefront of new ways to rig their soft plastics, new setups, and new techniques. Some have been more effective than others, and eventually American anglers take notice one way or another. But, the innovations keep coming and the results don’t stop proving: JDM tackle is worth the money. When we’re lucky enough to have these products trickle into the American market, anglers should take notice and jump on the opportunity!

Updated September 6th, 2018 at 4:48 AM CT