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Jerkbait Tips: 3 Ways To Get More Bites

Jerkbait Tips: 3 Ways To Get More Bites

Jerkbaits are one of the most interesting categories of bass lures. Almost every angler has at least a couple hiding in their tackle box somewhere, but the number of anglers that consider them “confidence” baits is far fewer than the number of anglers that throw them. There simply aren't many anglers out there offering up jerkbait tips. For too many, the jerkbait is a niche bait – one that’s used in the springtime when it’s cold and then put away until the water cools back down.It’s unfortunate too, because in the right hands a jerkbait like the MegaBass Trick Darter is one of the most powerful bass-catching tools you can find, all year long.Here are 3 jerkbait tips to give you more confidence when tying them on:

1. Keep It In Your Hand

You’re not going to get better with any bait, and certainly not going to catch anything if it’s in your rod locker or garage. The number one reason most anglers don’t catch fish on jerkbaits much of the year is because they simply don’t throw them. Buck that trend this year, and challenge yourself to keep a jerkbait like the Lucky Craft Slender Pointer on your deck throughout the year. They are killer around sparse vegetation, anytime the shad are schooling, and along deep drop-offs.

2. Mix It Up

Another reason folks struggle with jerkbaits is that they tie one on, make a few casts, and if they don’t get any bites they put it away. Many times bass will clearly show a preference to a specific jerkbait or cadence, so if you’re not getting bit, switch it up before giving up. Different brands of jerkbait have drastically different actions, and finding the one they want that day is the key to sustained success. Try something different like the Live Target Bait Ball Series Jerkbait.

3. Cover Water

Although you sometimes fish them slow, it’s important to cover lots of water when searching for a good jerkbait bite. In clear water, bass will trek a long ways to eat a jerkbait, so you don’t need to saturate small areas with lots of casts the way you may with other presentations. Pay close attention while fishing as well – bass often follow a jerkbait like the Ima Flit in before striking, which can clue you into the areas with the largest concentration of fish.

Updated November 3rd, 2021 at 4:47 AM CT