Jon B Unboxes The MOTHERLODE Bass Fishing Crate!

The Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode Bass Fishing Crate is available now at select Dick Sporting Good’s, and they are selling like hotcakes. 

This Motherlode Bundle is the ideal gift for bass anglers everywhere. Whether it’s for you or the lucky angler in your life, here are the answers to the need to know questions surrounding this unmatched bass fishing bundle. 

What are they?

The Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode Bass Fishing Crate is the premier fishing bundle available right now, and you can only find them at Dicks Sporting Goods and select Field and Stream locations. Included in each box are the best baits, gear, lures, rigs, and tools specifically designed for bass fishing.

How Much Does The Motherlode Bundle Cost?

What’s The Total Value?
The total value of each bundle is around $80

How Many Products?
Each fishing crate will include between 11-15 items.

What Can I Expect?

Be ready for an expert selected treasure trove of bass fishing products. Each crate includes a wide range of lures (finesse baits, moving baits, topwaters, jigs) that work virtually anywhere in the country to target bass.

Where can I get my own Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode Bundle?
The Mystery Tackle Box Motherlode Bundle is exclusive to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Check with your local Dicks Sporting Goods for availability.

Mystery Tackle Box Bass Crates available at

Are All Of The Boxes The Same?
Some boxes may be similar, but not all boxes are the same. Each box will include premium products and contents while helping you save boatloads.

What Type Of Anglers Are These For?
The Motherlode bundle is suitable for anyone from entry-level pond fishing anglers to seasoned tournament pros. The Motherlode Bass Bundle will work appropriately and be approachable to anyone who fishes for bass.

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