Karl’s Amazing Crankbait Color Guide

New lure color patterns are entering the market on a daily basis giving anglers more and more options to choose from. While bait variety is a good thing, it can also make lure color selection quite the task. To help out, we’ve put together a quick read to help guide you through the lure color selection process. At the end of the day, the more time you spend fishing and the less time you spend puzzledly staring into a tackle box, the better.

Blueback Flash

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Blueback herring are a schooling baitfish commonly found in waterways along the eastern seaboard. These baitfish have a unique blend of colors (silver, blue, green) which are represented throughout all Blueback Flash baits. In addition to looking like a scrumptious herring, this pattern is a proven fish catcher in waterbodies without herring. There’s just something about it this pattern that bass can’t get enough of.

Burnt Craw

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Throw red in the spring. Throw red in the spring – If you’ve fished crankbaits before you’ve likely heard this line. While the saying may get redundant, it’s true. Bass move shallow and feed heavily on crawfish during the early spring so accurately representing these creatures is key.

Chartreuse Gill

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Bass love bluegills and bass anglers love chartreuse so, we blended two effective color patterns into one (making it twice as good). The Chartreuse Gill colorway is perfect for summertime patterns, stained water, or when bass are feeding on bluegill, pumpkin-seed, and panfish.

Fire Craw

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Karl’s Fire Craw pattern will help spark bites when other colors just won’t cut it. The detailed design pattern paired with a color scheme that accurately represents a crawfish make this bait a top choice in any place home to mudbugs. During the pre-spawn phase, bass push up shallow and gorge on any available forage, often times this ends up being crawfish. Tie on your favorite crawfish pattern each spring and get to work!

Ghost Gill

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

The Ghost Gill pattern has a translucent bottom with a gently painted pattern of a bluegill. Color patterns of this style typically work best in clear or pressured waterways that contain healthy panfish populations. Light colored and natural baits are always a player in clear water, especially on sunny days!

Ghost Pro Shad

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Our Ghost Pro Shad is essentially a toned down version of the classic OG Sexy colorway, bass tournaments are continually won on shad style baits so, providing a toned down version of such a proven color just makes sense. The Ghost Pro Shad pattern will help you put a unique twist on a proven color.


Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

If you’re not into sport fishing chances are you’ve never heard of ‘chartreuse’. However, in the bass world, this word gets thrown around all the time. Partially for good reason, it’s a color that just seems to catch fish. Karls Highlighter cranks will stand out in stained and muddy water when fish need help to key in on visual indicators.

Moonlight Shad

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

While some may look at this color and think stained water, it’s actually a killer in clear and calm water as well (especially for smallies). When you’re looking for a subtle bait that still puts off a unique look, try Karl’s, Moonlight Shad.

OG Sexy

Karl's Amazing Crankbaits

Virtually every crankbait company on the market has a shad colored crankbait with accents of yellow and blue. It’s a proven color pattern that catches fish. To sweeten the deal, manufacturers typically coin their versions around a flirtatious name which is a proven angler catching pattern. We didn’t re-invent the wheel with this color but we’ve given the people what they wanted with our OG Sexy colorway.

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