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Karl's Summer Striped Bass Fishing 101

Karl's Summer Striped Bass Fishing 101

Nothing Says Summer Like Striped Bass Fishing!

Striped bass get a lot of love during the spring and fall seasons, and if we are being honest, there is no reason why the summer season has to be any different. Tying into big bass is one of the best ways to have the saltwater fishing summer of your dreams, and you can do so without ever leaving a dock. Right now, striped bass are setting up camp tight to beaches, in coastal estuaries and off jetties over submerged rock and debris. With the right gear and right gameplan, you can treat yourself to some sweet striped bass fishing goodness all summer long! If you have never before pursued salty stripers, or need to re-stock your tackle box, the fine folks at Badfish have all you need to begin your quest!

Daiwa Saltist Back Bay LT Spinning Reel
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Tip 1: Hop A Bucktail Jig Near Structure for Striped Bass

Perhaps the granddaddy of all striper fishing baits, the bucktail jig has carved out a permanent role on the striped bass fishing all-star team. Because summer stripers are hard to predict, it pays to have a bait as versatile as a bucktail jig tied on at all times. Whether you are popping bucktail jigs off of submerged cover, or retrieving them swiftly to imitate rain minnows, you cannot go wrong. Also, just like freshwater bass fishing jigs, bucktail jigs are great vessels for trailers, so don’t forget popular soft baits like grubs, swimbaits and more that will make your bucktail jig more munchable!

Badfish Bad Bucktail
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Tip 2: Imitate Forage with Hardbaits to Entice Schooling Stripers

In the warm summer months, striped bass can be rather lethargic, choosing only to act with vigor when food is involved (and trust me I know the feeling). With this in mind, you really want to think about what stripers in your neck of the woods are feeding on and match it. Saltwater hardbaits tend to be excellent imitators of the baitfish and forage species that can get the attention of summer striper schools. Get yourself a variety of hardbaits, including crankbaits, jerkbaits and swimbaits in good natural finishes and get bit. Don’t forget a strong rod with backbone for working these baits!

SaltNative Mad Minnow
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Karl's Club Price: $6.99

Tip 3: Pop Up Top for Inshore Stripers

Watching a striped bass blast a topwater bait is one of the crown jewels of inshore saltwater fishing. It is also a highly effective way to catch stripers on overcast days or in the dawn and dusk timeframes. When you see fish feeding on the surface, it is a good time to give poppers, walking baits and plugs a shot. Do remember that when fishing topwaters, your gear needs to be up to the task. Stout rods, strong reels, heavier lines and resilient leaders are necessary for hooking up with and landing topwater striped bass.

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Updated June 9th, 2022 at 11:18 AM CT