Lake Fork Guy Now Has 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

Justin Rackley, known as Lake Fork Guy in the fishing community, just hit 1 million subscribers on YouTube! A former high school baseball pitching ace Justin then went onto fish in college, become a fishing guide, and then work as a sales rep for Shimano.

After doing all of that, Justin created the LakeForkGuy YouTube channel. Which, according to YouTube, started in 2008. As I write this article, the LakeForkGuy channel has published 931 videos that together have over 160 million views.

Justin shares epic fishing and hunting adventures while dropping little nuggets of outdoor knowledge in everything he produces. In addition to premium content and insane fish catches, he’s also brought his audience through the highs and lows of his life with an honest and straightforward approach. He’s the real deal in my book, and as of right now, 1 million other people agree.

Looking Back With Lake Fork Guy

In honor of hitting 1 million subs, here is some of Justin’s most memorable content from over a decade of creating YouTube fishing videos. We also threw in a highlight from his days as a high school baseball player. Congratulations to Justin and his family.

Highlights From High School
Hobbies: Fishing, Hunting
Your One Wish: Being on the Bassmaster circuit
Lake ForkGuy’s Most Viewed Fishing Video
Lake Fork Guy’s Most Viewed Bass Fishing Video

Catching, Cleaning, And Eating Catfish Lake Fork Guy

Watch LFG Catch 25lbs Of Bass In Two Casts!
A Classic Lake Fork Guy Catch And Cook

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