Lake St. Clair Is A Trophy Fish Factory

Recently, Robbie and Lee from the YouTube channel Today’s Angler and Lee Lures embarked on a Musky trip to the legendary waters of Lake St Clair. Along the way, the two teamed up with a group Michigan musky hammers while documenting their journey along the way.

In the three-part Ocean Of Muskies series, you’ll see the ups and downs of chasing big fish in big water.

Part of the great lakes system, Lake St Clair is the 15th largest lake in North America. It is connected to Lake Huron by the St. Clair River to the north and to Lake Erie through the Detroit River to the south. Over 430 surface total surface miles, Lake St Clair is mega lake loaded with nutrient-rich water that continually produces world-class fish.

Multiple GIANT muskies hit the deck in epsiode one.
St Clair may be the best trophy musky lake in the world.
Topwaters, swimbaits, and medusas were the tools used on this epic musky outing.

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