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Let's Debate: Are Fish Really Wet While They're Underwater?

Let's Debate: Are Fish Really Wet While They're Underwater?

Recently a video started circulating the internet of a couple dudes in a heated argument over a simple question: "Are fish wet while they're underwater?"I had never thought about this before, because duh. Fish are like the wettest things I've ever seen. But once the wheels started turning, I think the guy who originally sounded crazy might be onto something. Here's the video, so you can see his point.Basically, he's saying you can't be wet if you're surrounded by water, but once you leave the water, that's when you're wet. Because of science, etc.I took to the internet, where no one has literally ever been wrong, for some third opinions sure to clear this up. I found a pretty entertaining Yahoo! Answers thread from 9 years ago. Both sides made some pretty compelling arguments. Here are the highlights:

Team Yes Fish Are Wet

Team No, You're Not Wet Till You're Out Of WaterTEAM IDK

I'm not sure which side I'm on in this debate,. Both bring up great points, as you saw above. But I do know one thing, I hope one day I'm as passionate about anything as this guy is about fish DEFINITELY being wet.

Updated August 22nd, 2017 at 4:38 PM CT