Michael Jordan Caught A 442-lb Fish In One of The World’s Biggest Fishing Tournaments

The greatest player of all time does it again! Michael Jordan just pulled in a 442 lb Blue Marlin off the shores of North Carolina.

In addition to Sir Airness, North Carolina is home to the annual Big Blue Rock Marlin Tournament. Spanning eight days and involving hundreds of anglers, the Big Blue Rock Marlin Tournament is considered by many to be the Super Bowl of fishing tournaments.

Michael and his crew were aboard one of the nicest fishing boats I’ve ever seen. While this isn’t your typical fishing boat, what did you expect, a Boston Whaler? No offense to Whaler owners or the beautiful city of Boston, but I can’t imagine MJ rolling around in anything but the best.

I’ve never been more jealous of three dudes in my entire life. Marlin fishing on the back of Jordan’s boat would be a dream come true.

One again, Michael Jordan is a legend and the greatest basketball player to ever live. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll add 50 more reasons below.

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