Got Milk? Over 7 Thousand Gallons Of Milk Spill Into A Welsh River

Across the pond in Wales, UK the Dulais River flooded with so much milk that part of it temporally turned white. This was the result of a giant truck filled with a shad load of milk crashing down a steep ravine and spilling it’s cargo into the nearby river.

The international media powerhouse, known as the BBC spoke with a member of the Wales Natural Resource department who estimated that 28,000 liters of milk made it’s way into the river.

28,000 liters translates to roughly 7400 gallons of milk. Oh, and what we call a ”box truck” or a ”semi-truck” in the US is referred to a a ”lorry” in the UK.

Bubbling Itself Back

Credit: BBC

Thankfully, the river is looking cleaner and starting to resemble itself more as it did before being drenched with dairy. Although hopeful, some showed concern about the potential damage resulting from the spill. Here are the words from an environmentalist named Will:

“If you kill one thing, it can quickly kill the whole river,”

“Rivers are one of our most vulnerable eco-systems, it doesn’t take much to wipe them out completely.”

“The good news is, they are very robust and can bounce back.”

Will Millard from an article in the BBC

Hoping For Lactose Tolerance

I’m not trying to make light of this situation because I know the driver will undoubtedly feel awful and the truck might end up in a junkyard, or the ”car breaker” as the British call it.

Obviously, the milk went to waste too. Or did it? While I am not a biologist, I am an optimist, and with a background like that, I can only hope this quick surge of nutrient rich liquid being dumped into the river serves a protein shake for the resident fish.

After a long day of shaking those tail fins in current, I hope the fish can harness the calcium and protein to get straight-up jacked full of muscle. Like the physique of a WWE wrestler, I’m talking enormous fish.

Good luck to all involved in bringing the river back to a more normal state, I hope it goes utterly smooth. Drive safe and tight lines!

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