north dakota walleye record

Monstrous Catch Breaks Longstanding North Dakota Walleye Record

Controversy around the previous North Dakota Walleye record is no more! The record was broken by a behemoth 15 lb 13 oz Walter, besting the previous record by a slight 1 oz. The controversy surrounding the previous record was due to lack of proof, since it was caught in the late 1950’s, when certifying records just didn’t have the same criteria.

This record was caught in the Missouri River by Neil Leier, out for a day of fishing with his brother. Just a few minutes into their day, Neil located fish on his fish finder, dropped a jig down, and hooked into what he thought was a log!

north dakota walleye record

Source: North Dakota Fish & Wildlife

Luckily, he didn’t cut the line on that log, as he was hooked into a record breaking, once in a lifetime fish! The fish was weighed on certified scales at a local tackle shop, and Neil even went back out fishing after breaking the record! I’m not quite sure how you can top that, but that’s why we all keep trying!

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