Mystery Tackle Box Revealed: Bass Unboxing – August 2020

This month’s Mystery Tackle Box bass showcase is brought to us by Fishing With Jeter. This quick video hits everything you need to know about the lures included while providing a few bonus fishing tips. Thanks to Jeter and everyone else who filmed videos this month.

What Is A Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing?

Since 2012, Mystery Tackle Box subscribers haven shown off their monthly fishing lure hauls. Some post on Instagram. And some even take it a step further and film a YouTube video. It doesn’t matter which social platform you use, keep sharing your lures, fishing videos, and of course big fish pictures! We love to see you putting those things to work!

**We send out several varieties of each box type every month, so not everyone will receive the same products. Boxes are designed based on each subscriber’s individual species preference, customer history, and available inventory. **

Jeter’s Bass Box Included

Item 1: BioSpawn ExoPod

The Biospawn ExoPod is a genetically engineered creature bait built with a streamlined flapping action. The ExoPod’s compact and practical design allows for easy rigging for multiple presentations. At 3.5″ the ExoPod is the perfect trailer for any jig or bladed bait. And it has enough bulkiness and action to be rigged independently on a punch rig or finesse Texas/Carolina rig. The classic BioSpawn ribbed body design seamlessly leads into two flapping flanges that give the ExoPod a subtle but distinctive swimming action.

Item 2: Savage Gear 3D Smash Tail

The 3D Smash Tail from Savage Gear creates a noisy, splashing, topwater display that drives fish nuts and triggers vicious strikes. Its spinning tail kicks up a ton of water as it sputters across the surface, and that catches the attention of nearby predators. When they move in for the kill, the Savage Gear 3D Smash Tail’s amazingly realistic appearance comes into play. Intricate details like molded-in scales and gill plates, realistic fins, 3D eyes, and nature-inspired color patterns do the final convincing, and that’s when the needle-sharp trebles take over, making sure you land every fish that strikes.

Item 3: Road Runner Randy Howell’s Classic Runner

Randy Howell’s Classic Runner is a bait from Road Runner that rings the dinner bell for hungry fish. With its classic horse-head design, complete with 3D eyes and a flashy, underslung spinner blade, this jig creates a pulsing vibration that calls fish in and presents a great imitation of the small forage favored by bass.

Item 4: Castaic Loco 10

The Castaic Loco 10 is a premium crankbait that can draw the attention of fish lurking in moderate depths. It produces a fast, wobbling action that sends out fish-calling vibrations. Quickly diving to 10′ deep with just a few cranks, this big-lipped lure can create a stir as you slam it into wood and rock cover to trigger strikes from lurking predators. A fat, baitfish profile, and lifelike color patterns add just the right visual appeal, and twin trebles ensure solid hookups. The Castaic Loco 10 is a must-have for mid-depth cranking.

Item 5: Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Junior

A very versatile floating bait with specially designed claws that give it lifelike action and offer a killer imitation of a bass’ favorite food! This bait was specifically designed to be fished as a trailer and the special designed claws give it a realistic movement mimicking a fleeing crawfish.

Pair this life-like craw with your favorite football jig or swim jig. When paired with a jig, fish on the bottom with a slow dragging retrieve and short twitches to mimic a fleeing crawdad or bait fish.

Item 6: Mustad Extra Wide Gap Hook

The gap in Mustad’s Extra Wide Gap hook is big enough to accommodate your chunkiest soft plastics. We’re talking fat stick baits, bulbous creature baits, thick-bodied craws, or any hefty bait you choose to thread on. And those big baits will stay in place, thanks to this hook’s drastic bend near the eye.

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