Mystery Tackle Box Revealed: Bass Pro Unboxing – February 2021

This month’s MTB Unboxing is brought to you by FishingWithFlem. In this quick video, Flem breaks down his Mystery Tackle Box, shares channel goals, and talks about upcoming fishing plans. Like many anglers in February, it seems like he is dreaming about April or May. For more product breakdowns and fishing adventures, subscribe to Flem’s channel. We have a feeling it’s going to blow up!

What Is Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box is the original monthly lure subscription service. We have featured over a hundred different brands in our boxes and have introduced tens of thousands of anglers to new products they have come to love. We ship out over 2 million baits a year and we continue to grow as our customers love getting their boxes every month. In fact, we’re often told that it feels like Christmas once a month!

What Is A Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing?

Since 2012, Mystery Tackle Box subscribers haven shown off their monthly fishing lure hauls. Some post on Instagram. And some even take it a step further and film a YouTube video. It doesn’t matter which social platform you use, keep sharing your lures, fishing videos, and of course big fish pictures! We love to see you putting those things to work!

**We send out several varieties of each box type every month, so not everyone will receive the same products. Boxes are designed based on each subscriber’s individual species preference, customer history, and available inventory. **

Mystery Tackle Pro Boxes

Mystery Tackle Box Pro Boxes costs $29.99, and each bundle includes $40+ of new and innovative fishing tackle explicitly designed for your target species. Free shipping, stickers, and an informative fishing magazine are included in every box.

Flem’s Mystery Tackle Pro Box
Baby Bull Shad
Video Showcase: Catch Co Mike Bucca Baby Bull Gill
Value: $14.99

The Baby Bull Gill works exceptionally well in places where bigger fish feed on panfish, shad, or small bass. It can be a creek, pond, river, or reservoir – If panfish are on the menu, this is the bait to tie on. Giving a smooth and steady wind allows the bait to swim 2-5 feet below the surface as it sways and ungulates freely, creating an ‘S’ motion as it swims. If you burn the Bull Gill in using a fast retrieve, the swaying swimming motion tightens up, and the bait rises to the surface. Now you’re mimicking a distressed baitfish near the surface. 

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing February 2021

Video Showcase: Googan Squad Klutch
Value: $7.99

The Googan Squad Klutch is a lipless crankbait designed with a realistic and tight wobble to mimic swimming baitfish and fleeing crawfish. Fish the Googan Squad Klutch all year long, but this bait will crush in the Spring and Fall when bass are putting on the feedbag.

Road Runner Marabou Pro Jig from Mystery Tackle Box

Video Showcase: Road Runner Marabou Pro
Value: $5.56

When it comes to catching crappie, the Road Runner Marabou Pro isn’t horsing around. While soft plastic trailers have their place, nothing breathes and flows underwater like natural marabou feathers, and the Road Runner Marabou Pro has a feather trailer of the highest quality. If you cast this bait next to a brush pile, a rocky ledge, or any other known panfish spot and let it sink, a slow retrieve will almost always do the trick.

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing February 2021
Video Showcase: Creme Lures Pro Series Craw
Value: $4.49

The Creme Lures Pro Series Craw is a lifelike bait that smallmouth and largemouth bass can’t resist. Cast near shallow cover or bounce this bait across rocky cover to trigger brutal strikes. The broad claws and lively appendages give this craw a natural appearance that perfectly mimics live prey.

Hard Hat Jig
Video Showcase: Hard Hats Diesel Jig
Value: $4.29

The Hard Hat Jigs Diesel Jig is a bottom dragging specialist. When bass are relating to the bottom, rig up a creature or craw and get to dragging. The lead, football shaped head will add action to the trailer and entice strikes all year long.

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing February 2021
Video Showcase: Xcite Baits Raptor Tail Worm
Value: $4.05

The Raptor Tail from Xcite Baits features a soft, ribbed body and unique node on the tip of the tail that makes for an action unlike any other!

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing February 2021
Video Showcase: Harmony Fishing Company Offset Worm Hooks
Value: $3.49

The Razor Series of hooks by Harmony Fishing Company can help to improve your presentation and get you more hookups when fishing soft plastics. They’re chemically sharpened and are manufactured using a high carbon steel alloy that makes them unbelievably strong. They won’t open up or break when you set the hook or during a long fight with a surging fish.

Change the way you discover new lures and learn new fishing techniques and subscribe to Mystery Tackle Box today!

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