Mystery Tackle Box Revealed: Bass Pro Unboxing – September 2021

Jordan from TightLineTV is back with another Mystery Tackle Box unboxing and bait breakdown. In this video, Jordan breaks down all the baits from a recent MTB Pro box and shares some tips on how you can fish them to catch more bass this fall.

What Is Mystery Tackle Box?

Mystery Tackle Box is the original monthly lure subscription service. We have featured over a hundred different brands in our boxes and have introduced tens of thousands of anglers to new products they have come to love. We ship out over 2 million baits a year and we continue to grow as our customers love getting their boxes every month. In fact, we’re often told that it feels like Christmas once a month.

What Is A Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing?

Since 2012, Mystery Tackle Box subscribers have shown off their monthly fishing lure hauls. Some post on Instagram. And some even take it a step further and film a YouTube video. It doesn’t matter which social platform you use, keep sharing your lures, fishing videos, and of course big fish pictures! We love to see you putting those things to work

**We send out several varieties of each box type every month, so not everyone will receive the same products. Boxes are designed based on each subscriber’s individual species preference, customer history, and available inventory.**

Mystery Tackle Pro Boxes

Mystery Tackle Box Pro Boxes costs $29.99, and each bundle includes $40+ of new and innovative fishing tackle explicitly designed for your target species. Free shipping, stickers, and an informative fishing magazine are included in every box.

Here is a deeper look at each product included in Jordan’s box:

10,000 Fish Headhunter

The 10,000 Fish Head Hunter is a fully rigged swimbait built with a realistic dorsal fin that disguises the bait’s hook while preventing snags. The magnetic hook harness system (patent pending) provides a more free range of motion when setting the hook while giving the fish less leverage to throw your bait.

Hoax Fish Chiseler

When the Fish Chiseler drops into the strike zone, hungry fish notice, partly because it’s not what they’re used to seeing. It has a chunky body is ribbed, tapering to a flattened, spade-shaped tail that generates an incredible action.

Vertical Lures Tube-X

Tube fishermen and creature bait fans will rejoice when they see this remarkable hybrid tube from Vertical Lures. One thing that makes the Tube-X different is its solid head, the key component of the bait’s innovative weight-forward design.

Zero Gravity Slow Fall Jig

The Zero Gravity Jig from Catch Outdoors has a slower fall rate than standard jigs. Add a trailer and drop this bait through holes in vegetation, ease it through brush piles, and bang it into dock pilings.

Harmony Fishing Razor EWG Hooks

A high-quality wide gap hook is a tackle box staple for any angler, and Razor Series EWG Hooks from Harmony Fishing Company have you covered. These hooks are designed to accommodate your chunkiest worms, swimbaits, creature baits, and craws.

Westin Spot-On Topwater

The Westin Spot-On Top Walker is a surface marvel. It features a balanced design and a V-shaped body that lets you walk the dog like a pro.

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