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Mystery Tackle Pro Bass Box Unboxing (April 2022)

Mystery Tackle Pro Bass Box Unboxing (April 2022)

This quick video and article highlight the lures and hooks included in a Mystery Tackle Pro Box shipped out in April 2022. Not all Mystery Tackle Boxes are the same which means the box you receive might not exactly match the items in this video however, every box will help anglers save up to 40% compared to retail pricing. Get a buffet of baits delivered to your door every month selected by a group of hardcore fishing aficionados.

Mystery Tackle Box is available in Bass, Trout, Walleye, Panfish, & Saltwater options. Learn more here.

Item #1: Berkley Digger 3.5

Use small moderate diving crankbaits like the Berkley Digger 3.5" when you need to get deep fast with a crankbait with a little plug that carries loads of action. They're perfect for fishing deep drop-offs and steep shorelines, and that rugged big bill means business, keeping you deep and in touch for big bites.

Item #2: Castaic CXV 65

A minnow profiled, low knocking lipless crankbait can be worked at nearly any water column depth throughout the fishing season. Whether you're searching out fish on new waters or trying to match a minnow or shad profile, this lipless will be the lure to tie on.

Item #3: Band Of Anglers Minwaow

Designed by legendary angler Patrick Sebile, the Hyperplastic Minwaow from A Band Of Anglers offers a downsized swimbait perfect for using on smallmouth, spotted bass, largemouth, and more. The pack comes with three swimbaits and a jighead, enabling you to fish these rigs right out of the pack.

Item #4: Phenix Baits All-Purpose Sparkie Jig

The Phenix Baits Sparkie Jig comes in a classic color and in my personal favorite skirted jig weight, 3/8 of an ounce. It's a heavy enough jig to flip on casting gear while providing a fall rate that's can get down to deep water but that won't spook fish in shallow water.

Item #5: X-Zone Pro Series Lures - Adrelainie Bug

Pairing the Adrelaine Bug with either of the two jigs in this box makes for the ideal combo when looking o mimic crawfish or bluegill. You can also Texas Rig these little creatures' baits with a 2/0-3/0 hook for a downsize flipping rig.

Item #6: Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Lake For Trophy Lures hit a homerun with their segmented stick bait, allowing for the ultimate wacky rigging retrieve. Their 5" Senko style bait has two thin flanges in its center, allowing for a wider range of flapping action when wacky rigged.

Item #7: Hart Tackle Justice Jig

The Hart Tackle Justice Jig is a smaller, more finesse jig than the other skirted jig included this month. The differences can help complement different styles and approaches. The Justice Jig is built with a stand-up head jig design, which will remain upright during the pause. By adding a small craw or creature bait (Adrelaine Bugs), you'll easily mimic a crawfish in a defensive posture whenever pausing the lure.

Item #8: SpearPoint Performance Hooks

The SpearPoint EWG hooks bring their unique twist on the traditional hook. The locking "v" at the bottom helps keep fish pinned and on the hook once you get them locked in.

Item #9: Catch Co Sticker

Like always, this box came with a new fishing sticker that resembles a dive-bombing crankbait with a snarling smile and aggressive attitude.

Item #10: Dibble Digest Monthly Magainze

Check out your monthly Dibble Digest for tips, tricks, games, and more written by the team at Karl's!

Updated April 15th, 2022 at 7:58 AM CT