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New Behemoth Georgia Catfish State Record Caught

Fishing records in any state in the south are held to a higher standard, both due to the size of southern fish and the amount of southern anglers. The Georgia Catfish Record was one of the holiest records in all of fishing, as channels and blues grow to huge sizes down there. This is why the SHATTERING of the Georgia Blue Catfish record is so astonishing, as Ricky Barrett caught a 93 lb behemoth on the Altamaha River!

georgia record catfish

Ricky Barrett was out celebrating his 44th birthday with his two daughters, one of which is soon to be married and wanted some pre-wedding quality time, when he hooked into the new rod and reel record beating the past record by 13 lbs!

He caught the fish on a Zebco Catfish Fighter spooled with 30 lb Trilene, using cut up chunks of smaller catfish he had caught earlier in the day. Originally he had a gar on the line. Once the gar slipped off, the bait remained in tact and Ricky set his rod down. Then, the giant catfish hit, almost pulling the rod out of the boat. Ricky grabbed the rod, set the hook, and brought in the beast.

The fish was weighed on certified scales at Davis Farm & Garden, where biologists also saw and verified the fish. For more pics of the new state catfish fishing record catfish, check out below!

state record catfish ble catfish record
big blue catfish big blue catfish georgia record

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