Next Level Cranking – When To Stay Deep And When To Go Shallow

Fall is one of the best times of the year to target bass with a crankbait. The bass are schooled up and gorging on shad; which makes them eager to jump all over a wobbling plug as it burns by their faces.

Although fall bass are extremely susceptible to cranking, it can be really difficult at times to figure out whether to target them with shallow crankbaits or deep divers. Although the solution to that question is seldom simple, there are general guidelines that can help you narrow it down.

Here are some keys to determining when to stay deep and when to go shallow when cranking in the fall.

When To Stay Deep

  • If it’s still hot
  • In clear water
  • During the day
  • On lakes with blueback herring
  • When the reservoir isn’t generating current
  • In deep grass

When To Go Shallow

  • In lowland reservoirs
  • When the temperature drops
  • After turnover
  • On river systems
  • In murky or stained water
  • Around schooling fish

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