Learn How To Catch Offshore Bass From A Professional Angler!

Offshore fishing can be tough, but with the right electronics and a little patience, it can pay off big time. Locating fish is the most challenging part of offshore fishing but once you do that, the fish will usually bite. Watch along as pro angler; Brian Latimer showcases his approach to offshore fishing.

Stay On The Graph!

Brian idles around using his motor scanning for fishy looking areas on his electronics. Once he is able to locate structure or specific fish, he stops and makes a cast. Another thing he looks for is baitfish. If he locates a school of baitfish, he is confident that as a hungry bass will be near.

Dropping It On Their Head

His first fish is a spotted bass that fell victim to the TRD Ned Rig in mudbug on a 1/5 oz jig head. Once Brian sees a fish on his graph he instantly drops his bait. The slender profile of his soft plastic paired with a heavy jig head help his bait get down to the fish quicker.

Where There Is One, There Are Many

Spotted bass are known for schooling up in packs, especially in the winter months. Once Brian catches one spot, he’ll continue to fish that same area knowing others are nearby.

Fish Hugging The Buttom

It can be hard to mark a fish that is hugging tight to the bottom, so keeping a close eye on your graph will help locate more fish.

Some fish will have mud on their bellies when you’re bringing them in. If you see this, you know they are glued to the bottom.

Gear Up For The Offshore Season At Karl’s

Here are a few of the baits Brian was showcasing in the video. Karl’s Bait and Tackle is home to the latest and greatest in all things fishing.

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