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The Palomar Knot: A Simple Fishing Knot Every Angler Needs To Know

The Palomar Knot: A Simple Fishing Knot Every Angler Needs To Know

The Palomar knot is one of the easiest, strongest, and most versatile fishing lines an angler can tie. The Palomar knot works with monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braided fishing lines along with ropes, shoelaces, twine, cord, or whatever else people tie into knots.

While it will take a little practice, most anglers can tie this knot in under 30 seconds once they get the hang of it. You can tie this onto cranks, hooks, jigs, and everything in between. When you're looking for a simple, diverse knot to get your line in the water ASAP without worrying about it coming off, this is the knot for you. If you're fishing the drop shot, this is a must-tie knot as it leaves you tons of leader line for you to cinch your drop shot weight onto.

The Palomar Knot: Step 1

Thread your line through the eye of the hook, pull about 12" out, then thread back through the eye.

The Palomar Knot: Step 2

You should end up with a loop, about 4-6" long, on one side, and your main line and tag end on the other.

The Palomar Knot: Step 3

Using the loop, make an overhand knot, crossing the loop over the main line. You should end up with about 2-3" of your original loop still free. Be sure to let the hook hang loose!

The Palomar Knot: Step 4

Take the 2-3" loop and drop it over the hook. Make sure that the entire hook goes through the loop. Pull the loop up, so it is above the eye of the hook.

The Palomar Knot: Step 5

Hold the main line and tag end together in one hand and the hook in the other. Pull to tighten. Trim the tag end, so there is about ¼" left. Palomar knot complete!

Updated February 17th, 2022 at 9:41 AM CT