Patrick Sebile: The Lure Designer That Does It All

Some would say that Patrick Sebile (pronounced “seh-beel”) was destined for fishing greatness. He was only eight years old when he imagined his very first lure design. He wanted to catch the white perch that hid beneath tree branches. They were virtually uncatchable with the lures available at the time in his native France (minnow crankbaits and inline spinners). So he invented his own solution: a vertical jig made of a shiny knife scratched egg sinker wrapped with a tiny piece of Mapa glove that quiver to attract fish.

Patrick had many interests outside of fishing. Having lost his father at a young age, he decided to dedicate his life to things he loved most: music, art, and fishing. By the age of 14 he had organized his first rock concert. By 16 he owned a record label and managed some of France’s most popular heavy metal bands. When he turned 21 he joined the French Marines. But throughout, he devoted much of his time to fishing, winning tournaments across Europe and catching a slew of record fish along the way.

After the navy, he traveled to Africa in search of a mythical giant white sea bass along the beaches of the Sahara desert. Maybe it was the desert heat or maybe it was destiny, but the trip opened his eyes to a new vision of the possibilities fishing represented; he now saw the world as an endless network of fisheries and adventures ready to be conquered. And conquer them he did.

Patrick has since traveled to 64 countries, catching 743 different species of fish. He has held over 360 IGFA, EFSA and FFPM records at one point or another. He’s been on the cover of 170 fishing magazines across the world. He’s written over 800 articles and 7 books. But Patrick is much more than an iconic angler. He’s a revolutionary lure designer.

After years of designing the lures that helped him reach fishing fame, Patrick brought his creations to the world by starting to manufacture his lures for the masses. Thus, Sebile® was born. By the time he started the company, he had already designed over 200 lures for himself.

His lures first entered the US market in June, 2006. It only took six months for one of them, the Flatt Shad, to take the bass fishing market by storm thanks to two consecutive tournament wins in Texas, including the Strenn FLW Series. Less than a year later, he had another hit as the Magic Swimmer won acclaim when Kenyon Hill and Todd Faircloth won two Elite Series Tournaments on the Bassmaster circuit. At the same time his Stick Shadd rose to fame in the saltwater circuit.

Within a few years Sebile™ products had won 15 awards, including two awards for Best New Hard Lure and Best New Soft Lure for his infamous Magic Swimmer Soft at ICAST. In fact, the buzz was so great that after just five years he was asked to join the world’s leading fishing tackle manufacturing company, Pure Fishing. Sebile™ joined a family of iconic brands such as Abu Garcia® Berkley®and Shakespeare® Patrick was able to bring his expertise to the benefit of extraordinary brands such as Spiderwire® Fenwick®, and PENN® —all while continuing to make game-changing products for Sebile.

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