fish in living room

Persistent Houston Man Catches Fish In His Living Room

You can’t break the spirit of Texas. Even through the desctruction from the devastating Hurricane Harvey, Texan’s keep their morale high and are making the most of a terrible situation. There have been countless feel good stories coming out of Houston, with Texans rallying around each other all throughout the coast. But so far, this man killing time by chasing a fish around his house is our favorite.

Here’s the original post from Viviana Saldana, watching her old man chase a fish around her living room in three acts, all equally hilarious.

The best part of the entire video is the laughter coming from the family. Besides the fact that she has an incredibly infectious giggle, it’s refreshing to hear pure joy coming out of such a disastrous situation. I guarantee you no one else knee deep in water in their own living room is having as much fun as this guy:

fish in living room

Houston was the center of the fishing world just a few months ago as they hosted the Bassmaster Classic 2017, and it was an amazing city. To help, check out some links here.

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