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Here Are The 6 Best Places To Find Bass Around The Spawn

Here Are The 6 Best Places To Find Bass Around The Spawn

Here are six simple tips to help you target the bass spawn more efficiently. Location and timing are key factors for improving your chances of catching fish but here are a few more things to keep in mind on your quest for that FAT bass.

1) Northern Bays

The northern section of lakes receives the most sunlight, which means those areas warm up the fastest in the spring. Locating warm water is essential when locating spring bass, and there are few better places to look than shallow northern bays.

1)River/Creek Channels

Bass treat river channels like underwater highways each spring as they push from deep wintering holes to shallow pre-spawn locations. Targeting bass as they move from deep holes to shallow spawning grounds becomes much easier when you follow creek or river channels.

3) Hard Cover (Docks, Rocks, Metal, Wood)

On bright sunny days look for pieces of cover that retain heat. Rocks, metal pilings, and wood will hold heat from the sun during a warm spring day. Bass and other fish will nestle closely to these areas trying to grasp a little of the added warmth.

Pro Tip: When you see a turtle perched on top of a log in the springtime, you're in the right spot.

4) Water Inflow (Creek Channels, Discharges)

Creek mouths, warm water discharges and other areas where water is flowing into a lake can be a prime area for prespawn fish. Look for inflowing water in the backs of creeks and bays and you should find the bass.

5) Secondary Points

Female bass often loiter in deeper water near spawning grounds before actually pushing up to start spawning. During this time, male bass will be shallow waiting for the females to arrive while the girls sit safely in deeper water. Look for secondary points near spawning grounds to target big female bass at this time.

The first point inside of a ''main lake point'' is known as a secondary point. These are prime staging areas for big prespawn fish.

6) Docks

The shade, structure, and fact that docks are in shallow water make them popular areas for targeting bass throughout the spawning process. Look for docks near shallow flats, or with hard bottom like rocks, gravel, or sand.

Using finesse baits and casting from a distance will increase your chances at targeting spawning dock fish.

Updated April 14th, 2022 at 8:01 AM CT