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[POLL] Who Should Anglers Root For In The NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals rematch we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. LeBron vs Steph. MVP vs MVP. Revenge vs History. Fishing City vs Fishing City. As is per usual here at Mystery Tackle Box, we’re basing our rooting interest on which city has the better fishing. So let’s break down these two cities and see who the real winner is here: Oakland or Cleveland. Here’s a quick rundown of the fishing each of these two have to offer, then vote in our poll on which city you’d rather fish in!

Category 1: Overview


Oakland boasts one of the largest ports in the world, housing ginormous cargo ships that load and unload goods travelling the Pacific Ocean. That port is also home to thousands of fishing boats, eager to wet a line on the famed San Francisco Bay. This great location between saltwater and freshwater fishing heaven allows you to fish for sharks and bass on the same day, a one of a kind experience.


Cleveland has been known to its haters as “The Mistake On The Lake.” Although I’m not sure placing a city right on Lake Erie could ever be called a mistake. Lake Erie is a world renowned smallmouth fishery and also has aggressive walleye, steelhead, perch, and rainbow trout.

Category 2: Scenery


Lake Merritt is right in the heart of the city, the port cuts right through the downtown along the highway, and Oakland has one of the best views of the San Francisco skyline.

oakland fishing


Lake Erie runs right along the skyline, and you’re never without a view while fishing in this Great Lake.

Cleveland fishing

Category 3: Nearby Fisheries


The San Joaquin River Delta is one of the leading fishing destinations in the country, and runs just a stones throw away from Oakland at one of it’s hottest spots: Richmond. Clearlake is also just up the road, Lake Tahoe is 3 hours away for a bit of a longer fishing trip.


Obviously, if you’re in the Great Lakes region, you should try to check out as many of those as you can. Lake Michigan is nearby, Cleveland is called “The Mistake On The Lake” referencing Lake Erie, exploring the waters north of the border is an option, and nearby Mosquito Creek Lake is a great spot to check out the bite.

You Decide:

Warriors or Cavs?

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