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[POLL] Which World Series City Has Better Fishing?

Who ya got? The Cubs and Indians face off in the 2016 World Series starting October 25th! Baseball is great, but obviously you’re here for the fishing. So we put this question to our community: Which of the 2016 World Series cities has better fishing? The Lake Michigan Salmon and Trout bite is notorious up and down the coast of Illinois, but the smallmouth bite in Lake Erie is just as renowned. Let’s break down the battle:


lake michigan smallmouth

Chicago’s harbor fishing is second to none. When fish move up shallow in the spring to spawn, you can fish any of Chicago’s harbors to find bass, pike, perch, and several other species. Moving off the coast of the lake, you can catch monster lake trout, steelheads, salmon and several other species. The river running right through the heart of downtown has also been known to house big time smallmouth hot-spots.


great lakes fishing

Source: Great Lakes Bass Fishing

Cleveland fishing is all about the smallies in Lake Erie. Lake Erie’s smallmouth bite runs hot from the shore of the Cleveland skyline down to the mouth of the Detroit River. The lake is also home to many other freshwater species like walleye, perch, steelhead, and trout.



This skyline speaks for itself, and the river cutting right through downtown gives you a view from every single angle you fish in the city.

Cleveland fishing

The lake runs right up against the wall, where the tall buildings and industrial landscape give a unique look meant just for Cleveland.



While Illinois isn’t exactly LOADED with spots to fish, Minnesota is driving distance away and Chicago angler’s have been known to day-trip to Wisconsin. The musky hunting in Northern Illinois and Wisconsin is second to none, and there are of course ponds littered throughout the state.


The nearby Mosquito Creek Lake in Ohio is a great place to look for a bite, and the rest of the great lakes are easily accessible from Cleveland. Canada is also just a hop, skip, and a jump away, where those north of the border are never shy about how magnificent their fishing can be.



Illinois: 13.1 lbs
Ohio: 13.13


Illinois: 6.7 lbs
Ohio 9.5 lbs


Illinois: 14 lbs
Ohio: 16.19 lbs

Rainbow Trout:

Illinois: 31.6 lb
Ohio: 21.3 lbs

Lake Trout:

Illinois: 38.4 lbs
Ohio 20.4 lbs


Illinois: 26.15
Ohio: 22.3 lbs


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