Wisconsin Man Turns Porta-Potty Into Custom Crappie Ice Fishing Shack

“Welcome to the sh** show” hangs over the door of Jeremy Barnett’s custom ice fishing shack built from a used porta-potty toilet gifted to him by a friend. And when he shared his “Crappie Shack” to the Trick Your Trap Facebook group, it quickly became the #1 and #2 trending topic amongst the club of over 61 thousand ice anglers. 

Jeremy turned a sky blue porta-potty like the kind you see at a county fair or little league field into a permanent ice fishing shanty by adding skis, drilling holes, and laying down some fine carpentry work.

In the pictures, you’ll notice two Vexilar ice fishing flashers sitting side-by-side, showing it can comfortably seat two anglers. However, Jeremy hopes to upgrade to a wheelchair-accessible model in the future which provides a little extra legroom.

To show appreciation for his diligent effort, we’re going to hook Jeremy up with some fishing stickers and gear.

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