Possible New World Record Spotted Bass Caught At Bullard’s Bar

Another day, another possible world record spotted bass caught at Bullard’s Bar. This reservoir is quickly becoming a legend as it produces world record spotted bass after world record spotted bass. The weights keep rising and the anglers keep flocking. This time, it was professional angler Cody Meyer.

There has been some controversy surrounding this record for years, as several claims at the record have been made, but not verified. There are rumors of an 11 pounder caught and released, as well as one 11 pounder that had been caught and weighed, but never certified.

The International Game Fish Association world record is 10.38 lbs, and has been standing since 2015. California, however, has an 11.2 lb spotted bass listed as as its state record. This fish was originally weighed at 11.2, then when weighed on a certified scale it came out to just under 11 lbs. This discrepancy in weight caused the fish to be disqualified from world record contention.

Cody caught this world record spotted bass, as issued in a press release, on the Strike King Ocho wacky rigged. He said he spotted it on his electronics, sank the wacky rig right into the strike zone, and the rest is history.

It’s no secret anymore that Bullard’s Bar is one of the best places to fish in 2016. Especially in the winter, this place has been churning out mythical sized beasts for years now, and the anglers are already lining up to give their best shot at breaking the new record.

Here are a few more images of this mammoth, courtesy of FLW.

world record spotted bass

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