ohio state record musky

Possible Ohio State Record Musky Caught & Released

The state record musky MAY have been caught in Ohio this weekend on a BioSpawn Lures ExoSwim! Zack Hall, admittedly a more serious bass angler, spotted the fat momma up in the shallows while fishing recently and started to flip his ExoSwim at her. Once he got her to bite, he knew this was no ordinary fish.

ohio state record musky

As you can see in the video below, he couldn’t quite get the measurements necessary to validate a state record claim but she was HUGE. She measured at 50 ¾” long, 1/2 inch longer than the state record, but he was not able to check the girth, and didn’t have a scale for the weight.

Zack was respectful of her prespawn state, saying “I did my best to make her appearance above water as quick as possible so she can go off and keep that big musky gene pool rockin!”

He caught her on the BioSpawn ExoSwim received in his recent Mystery Tackle Box, with a 4/0, 3/16 oz Superline Swim Bait Head. The current state record is 55.13 lbs and was from the SAME LAKE! What do you think, did he have a record musky?

Check Zack Out!


Youtube Channel: Skint Back with Zack

Instagram : @zackbhall

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