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Ranking Jon B (The Singer)’s 3 Best Songs I’ve Accidentally Listened To

Like many of you out there on the fishing internet, I love Jon B (the YouTuber). Also like many of you out there on the fishing internet, I’ve realized there was a 90’s R&B singer also named Jon B., who has popped up every SINGLE time I Google ‘Jon B,’ looking for Fishing The MidWest.
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The usual reaction is ‘ugh’ before I add Jon B Fishing to the search bar and get on with watching his newest video. I never listen to his songs and have no idea who he is. But for some reason, just this once, I decided to actually listen to Goatee Jon B.’s songs and see how he could possibly continue to be Google’s #1 result. And it was actually kind of good.

Here are his three best songs I accidentally found and listened to.

3. Are You Still Down

This song is super relatable to me. It’s about when a girl breaks up with a guy and gets a new boyfriend, how she always regrets it because I’m cooler than the new guy 100% of the time. Very relatable, which is why I like it.

2. They Don’t Know

This song pops up #1 on Google for a reason. It inexplicably stops about halfway through and turns into a black and white style video for a few minutes, which, whatever. But ignoring that part of the video, it is a pretty smooth song about trying to convince a girl she should stop listening to her friends and believe Jon B. instead, despite all of his lying/cheating/shadiness in his past. Her friends are most likely just jealous anyways. Seems like an uphill battle, but he makes it work.

1. Someone To Love Ft. Babyface

No joke the first time I heard this song I was immediately ecstatic that I wasn’t married yet, so I can play this song at my wedding one day. And I already know my future wife won’t care, because if she’s as great as the girl he sings about in this song, she’s going to be chill with any wedding song. This song is absolute R&B magic and I couldn’t believe I’ve never heard it.

Final Jon B. (The Singer) Thoughts

This dude is so smooth. Silk. He should have been in BoyzIIMen. I can’t believe all of us on the fishing internet have been clicking right away from him for YEARS.

You ever wanna get on your significant others good side so they let you go fishing? Go home tonight with some flowers and put Jon B. on the speakers. Works every time.

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