Rapala Skitter Walk for Topwater Strikes

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Have you walked the dog lately?  We’re talking about topwater fishing with the Skitter Walk® from Rapala®.  Its weighted tail, realistic eyes and internal rattles make this the perfect bait to drive bass crazy for topwater strikes and one of the easiest ‘walking the dog’ lures on the market!

The Details On The Skitter Walk® from Rapala®

The Skitter Walk® has a length of 3 1/8″ and weight of 7/16 ounces with two No.3 VMC® black nickel treble hooks. It chatters while being walked making this very hard to resist for bass and its weighted tail helps cast this lure long distances with great accuracy!

And, each lure features 3D holographic eyes in a variety of color patterns.  Here are just a few of the many color combinations in the image below (from left to right): Green Mullet, Bluegill, Hot Chartreuse, Frog, Fire Shad, Speckled Trout and many more!  To see the rest of the available color patterns, click here.

Rapala_Skitter Walk_Colors_Blog

Any combination of side to side motion, with a pump-reel-pump-reel retrieve and you’re going to make the bass go crazy!  Here’s a great video so you can see the Skitter Walk® in action!

The Reviews On The Skitter Walk® from Rapala®

You can’t go wrong with testimonials like this…here’s what a few of our subscribers said about Rapala® and the Skitter Walk® lure that they received in their Mystery Tackle Box this past month.  Take a look at the reviews on the Rapala® Skitter Walk® topwater lure:

Joe says “This bait has great top water action especially on the walk the dog retrieve! One of the best top water baits I’ve ever thrown!”

Love these!!!”  Dustin saidThe rattle provides a cadence and a little weight for great casting… I use these in that early morning calm and those dusk hours where the bass and pike are feeding for the night… Unlike a soft frog a skitter walk provides a much more efficient hook set when them aggressive mouths come rippling up and crashing down… Another classic from Rapala!

Anthony says “Super easy to use, and it has a good short and stout profile that the bass responded to. Caught 4 good bass in a local pond. Have to say it is one of the best I have used…easy as all get out to walk.”

Robert saidI took this out on my last trip to the pond and hammered the crap out of bass as the sun was going down! I highly recommend this walker for top water enthusiasts!! A must have in any bass fisherman arsenal.

We know what we think, PURE AWESOME!  How about you?

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