dinosaur shark

Rare, Terrifying, Dinosaur Shark Caught In Portugal

Hope you weren’t planning on a deep sea diving trip in Portugal any time soon!  The “frilled shark” was found off the coast of Portugal by scientists looking for solutions to prevent unwanted catches for commercial fishermen.

If your only objective is to avoid unwanted catches and you somehow reel in a nightmare inducing predator that survived the age of dinosaurs where you’d usually reel in cod, you should probably be taken off the project in my opinion. Seem like a bunch of guys who would fill the livewell with rock bass on tournament day, just sayin’. But that is neither here nor there.

Back to the topic at hand: The Dinosaur Shark. The species, known as a Frilled Shark, or Chlamydoselachus anguineus, is unevolved and unchanged, despite it being over 80 million years old. They continue to swim the deepest, darkest portions of the ocean. When one of these aquatic ghouls was found in Japan, they found its diet is 61 percent cephalopods, most of which are squid and octopus.

dinosaur shark

Source: Newsweek

The scariest parts of these animals are the creepy inverted teeth. There are 25 rows of teeth facing inward, for a grand total of about 300 teeth fit to trap unsuspecting prey and hit them with a tire strip like apparatus on their attempt to escape in through the out door.

frilled shark dinosaur shark

Source: Inverse

The dinosaur shark species is known to prowl the ocean floor, but this one was found at around 700 meters. I have no idea how many feet or yards that is without looking it up, but I do know it is a depth which will continue to keep me from ever swimming in the ocean.

This particular specimen measured in at 1.5 meters long, which I did look up, and is equal to almost 5 feet. It is also equal to me never dipping a toe in the ocean ever again.

This Dart From Stranger Things Season 2 Lookin sea creature is one of the most rare, mysterious creatures in all of the world, due mainly to the fact their dwellings are at extreme, unsafe depths. But one thing we do know about them, is we all hope to never see them again.

The only things from 80 million years ago we still need on earth are the great outdoors, sea turtles, and Bill Dance.

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