Rigging Big Bite Baits’ YoDaddy With Russ Lane


Have you discovered the best way to rig the YoDaddy soft plastic creature bait by Big Bite Baits?  Today, we’ve got a great technique to try provided to us by Bassmaster Elite Series Pro, Russ Lane, pro staff member for Big Bite Baits.

The Rig

Use your Big Bite Baits’ YoDaddy bait as a jig trailer. In this image above, Russ Lane is using a 1/2 ounce Buckeye Football Jig with a YoDaddy bait as the trailer.

The Application

Target shady and or windblown bluffs, rocky humps and points during winter months. Cast directly to the bank and let the rig sink slowly down the face of the bluff. The slow fluttering action of the YoDaddy is what will trigger a bite on the fall. Work the rig out to the bottom depths of the bluff until you figure out what depth the fish are using. This is a great technique and rig for the winter months.

The Rod/Reel/Line

Russ recommends a Castaway 7ft Heavy Skeleton rod, a reel with 7:1 gear ratio and 20lb Sunline Shooter Flourocarbon line.

To learn more tips from Russ Lane, visit his website at Russ Lane Fishing and the rest of the Big Bite Baits’ pro staff at BigBiteBaits.com.

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