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Ripping Lures For Postspawn Bass

Ripping Lures For Postspawn Bass

Targeting postspawn bass comes into play at different times throughout the country but it's usually when water temps reach 70+ degrees. At this point, Bass have just spawned and you presume the rigors of spawning have worn down the fish. So you tie on a finesse lure and slowly work it in areas near spawning banks. After you’ve crawled the lure for a while, you decide to reel it in quickly and throw to the next target. But as you crank in the lure at high speed, a bass smashes your bait. This is a common occurrence during the postspawn because bass still have enough reserve energy to chase their prey. Here are three ripping techniques that simulate fleeing bait to try for postspawn bass.

Stickbait and Spinnerbait ripping

Ripping a spinnerbait or stickbait is effective for suspending postspawn bass in clear water. Rip both of these lures in deep-water areas close to spawning banks. On windy days rip a 3/8-ounce spinnerbait by waking the lure along the surface and jerking the rod hard similar to a hook-setting motion. Keep the lure moving during the entire retrieve. When fishing calm weather and a slick surface switch to ripping a stickbait. Jerk the rod hard to make the lure dive 2 to 5 feet and throw in a small twitch every other time you jerk the rod to trigger a strike.

Jigging Spoon Double Rip

This tactic works best when postspawn bass start chasing shad through standing timber on main or secondary points. Select a 3/4-ounce jigging spoon and make a long cast. After letting the lure drop to bass suspended 15 to 20 feet deep, start retrieving the spoon in a twitching fashion similar to working a Zara Spook. After four or five twitches, quickly raise your rod and jerk hard twice as if you are setting the hook. The hookset motion causes the spoon to lunge forward about 2 to 3 feet in an erratic action. After reeling in slack line, allow the spoon to fall again to trigger a strike.

Sweep The Jig For Postspawn Bass

Pitch a 3/8-ounce jig and a plastic chunk to the shallows of gravel or chunk rock banks. Pull the lure away from the bank for 4 or 5 feet with a sweeping motion of your rod to imitate a crawfish darting out of the shallows. Next, let the jig fall back to the bottom and keep your line tight in preparation for a strike. After the lure settles to the bottom, pump the lure twice to tempt bottom-hugging bass.

Updated July 3rd, 2018 at 5:43 AM CT