An Inside Look At The Road Runner Walleye Kit (33 pieces!)

The Road Runner Walleye Lure and Daiichi Bait Hook Kit contain everything you need to attract and catch walleye in all sorts of conditions.

You get different sizes and colors of one of the most popular walleye lures ever invented, the Road Runner Jig Head. Thread on your favorite trailer, cast this jig, and let it sink. Then you can hop it or jig it or slow roll it to attract aggressive strikes from nearby walleye. But, an assortment of high-quality jig heads made with premium hooks is only half of what this kit has to offer!

Daiichi Bait Hooks are some of the best you can buy, and two sizes of ultra-sharp octopus hooks allow you to create the ultimate bait rig for walleye, complete with a brightly colored, fish-attracting spinner at the nose. There’s no walleye fishing scenario that this kit doesn’t cover. Pick up the 33-piece Road Runner Walleye Lure and Daiichi Bait Hook Kit today!

Road Runner Walleye Kit
What Makes It Unique?

The RoadRunner Walleye Kit includes a wide variety of jigs, hooks, and potential rigging options. Having this kit handy will keep you ready to tackle walleye in shallow rivers, deep lakes, or anywhere in between.

Cost? – $6.99

Anglers Opinion?

The price point and assortment of practical walleye products give this kit two thumbs. This affordable kit covers the bases for standard walleye rigs and techniques. Pick up a pack of crawlers, plastics, or a dozen minnows, grab this kit and get to work.

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