Saltwater Fishing Spoons: 4 Tips Every Inshore Angler Needs To Know

Spoons are among the most versatile lures in existence and they are flat-out deadly in saltwater. The way spoons swim and reflect light is a trigger for a huge variety of species and you can effectively catch everything from salmon in the Pacific to Striped bass in the Atlantic. Troll them, cast them and fish from a boat or the shore and spoons always have a chance at catching something big.

What Size Saltwater Spoon?

Although spoons are metal, the color and size does influence how fish react to the presentation. If fish are dialed into a specific bait like mullet or herring, it’s a good idea to match the relative size and color if possible. It’s not necessarily a deal-breaker because spoons trigger a reflex but pairing your spoon style to match natural baits is useful.

Use Spoons To Find More Fish

Saltwater Fishing Spoons

Spoons are among the best searching lures in existence. When nothing is happening or you are unsure about what to use, throw on a general spoon and just start casting. It doesn’t matter if you’re standing on a boat or fishing the surf, a spoon is deadly. Karl’s SaltNative Casting Spoon is made for this exact purpose. It’s a catch fish anywhere kind of approach that comes in two of the most effective colors – silver and gold.

How Do You saltwater Fish With A Saltwater Spoon?

Saltwater Fishing Spoons

The retrieve on a spoon is often steady and consistent but adding variety to target different depths and fish behavior is always a good idea. When fishing shallow water, you must retrieve quickly to prevent snagging on the bottom. In deeper water, however, try casting then make a few cranks to get tight. Wait for 15-30 seconds while the spoon gains depth then retrieve. Try retrieving with intermittent pauses as well. The strike often comes on or just after a pause.

What Are The Best Spoon Color & Sizes?

Big spoons are great and they work for most saltwater species. It pays to have a few smaller options in your box. Sometimes, the fish are just not as aggressive and a smaller spoon is more effective. The SaltNative Casting Spoon come in ½ oz, ¾ oz, and 1 oz designs. They are progressively longer with each increase in weight. The ½ oz spoon is great for fishing redfish flats and areas with structure. Go to the bigger sizes when trolling for salmon or casting for stripers in the surf.

Gold and silver are the two staple colors but spoons come in many fore options as well. Pink and chartreuse against silver is a great producer in saltwater. Crocodile-style spoons with green and black patterns are also fantastic. Karl’s SaltNative casting spoons are made specifically for casting. They fly far without kinking your line and they look great in the water. When it comes to an all around casting spoon, it’s hard not to tie on a SaltNative.

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