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A Stick Bait (Senko) Selection System That Is Simply Bulletproof

A Stick Bait (Senko) Selection System That Is Simply Bulletproof

A Yamamoto Senko is so effective at triggering bites that you will catch bass on the stickworm no matter what color you choose to try.

The popular 5-inch Senko is available in more than 120 colors on the Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits site, which makes it a mind-boggling task to pick which colors you should choose for your finesse fishing. With all of these choices, it’s best to just select a handful of hues that will produce in various weather and water conditions.

Keep it Real. Keep it simple. Keep it real simple.

Green pumpkin is one of the most versatile and angler approved soft plastic colors on the market.

I keep my color choices simple by selecting a few lighter and darker Senkos to cover the various seasons and water and weather conditions I encounter.

John Neporadny Jr.

The Unstoppable Green Machine

Watermellon with green flake is still subtle but slightly more vibrant than a standard green.

Most of my color choices are natural hues in greens and browns but I will also opt for some bright colors such as white and bubblegum when I want a flashy stickworm to trigger a bite.

Salt And Pepper Around The Fry

When bass are on nests or cruising the shallows in the prespawn and postspawn, I opt for white or bubblegum Senkos. These flashy colors trigger vicious strikes from bass guarding nests or their fry.

A salt-and-pepper Senko attached to a Neko rig is ideal for tricking bass foraging on shad. Try this Neko-rigged Senko on main lake docks for suspended bass in the summertime or during the fall when bass are eating shad in the shallows.

Stand Out With Your Senko

Keeping a few essential colors on hand prepares you for new or unfamiliar water.
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A Senko in blue black with chartreuse flakes is ideal for fishing in the shade of grass mats. The color scheme of this Senko closely matches a bluegill or minnow swimming in the darkness of the vegetation.

Local Favorites

The BioSpawn ExoStickwas inspired by the original Senko.

Black blue glitter is my favorite Senko color for catching bass in the fall on my home waters of Lake of the Ozarks. The theory of using dark colors in dark waters applies during this time when I skip the Senko to the shady areas under boat docks. The black blue glitter Senko is also my choice any time the water is murky and I need to throw a finesse lure due to heavy fishing pressure.

Updated September 28th, 2020 at 10:59 AM CT